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The owner of our firm has been working as a beautician since 1990.szalon1_1 She started to deal with permanent makeup in 1991, she was one of the first beauticians in Hungary dealing with it. From the beginning our aim has been to supply outstanding quality service not only for the elite but everybody and guarantee decent prices. First we used the products of a Swiss firm, then we turned to the products of SofTap® family in 1997 and we have been working with them since then . It is more comfortable to make permanent makeup with them than with the help of machinary. The makeup made by SofTap® looks natural and we can make make-up tattoo which looks like traditional makeup.

Our salon has two floors, and we are at our customers’disposal with a wide range of service. On the ground floor there is a hairdresser, a beautician, a manicurist and a chiropodist available for women who want to become more beautiful. Our beauticians are ready to tackle every kind of skin problem, the treating of capillaries and pimples with Soft-Laser, application of refreshing and renewal masks, eyelash perm, with using excellent quality products. Due to our personal makeup and beautician guides everybody can find how to emphasise their advantageous features. Our hairdressers deal with not only the traditional tasks, but they can lengthen hair, thick the hair and sew hair on as well, and they can make different sorts of special hair-dressing, involving the so fashionable afro and gofri spinning as well. Our chiropodist tackle nail problems (such as ingrown nail) and you can have French Tips, Tip, Nail Tips, Glass Nail and Geil Nail as well.

We offer wide-ranging wellness services on the first floor.szalon2_1 We can provide whole body massage, feet massage and different types of techniques, which make your skin look younger and fresher, and we can provide aromatherapical treatments as well. For those who can not bear the warm and wet air of the sauna, or who suffer from any heart and blood-vessel problems, we can offer an infrasauna cabin. This infra red energy heats your parts of body directly, without heating the air around you. The temperature of the cabin’s air only 40-50 °C. Perspiration here is significantly different from the sweating in the Finnish sauna. It has so deep perspiring effects that your sweat contains 80-85 % water and 15-20 % harmful material, which was loading in your organism during metabolism. These are fat, cholesterol, heavy metals, superfluous minerals, slags, poisons which are soluble in fats. It is excellently suitable for treating rheumatism and articular problems. Contrary to the traditional sauna it can be used every day. Its effect can be enlarged by the method of body rounding- it results in smoother skin, and if you use it on a general basis, it results in losing some centimetres.


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