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Decorating the face or the body with paint or makeup is as old as human mankind. It had cultic and religious significance and it signed belonging to the group. They wore different paints or makeup on festivals, when hunting, during wars and when the aim was to emphasise their beauty.

The history of tattoo

Today’s beauticia


ns use the permanent variety of face and body painting, the so called tattoo. The eqipments and tools have changed a lot, and today we have special tattoo machinery. The pigments have become more perfect and finer for the sake of health. But what is the difference between the simple, primitive tattoo and the permanent make-up, which is one of the peaks of the modern cosmetics? To answer the question we need some anatomical knowledge. In case of the simple tattoo pigments are implanted deep under the epidermis tissue with the help of pinpricks, so the pigments are stored in the connective issue. However the lines cannot be entirely sharp, because the pigments are deep, under the thick connective issue and epidermis. This tattoo stays there forever and only few people consider the fact, that it is very difficult to remove and the removal is much more expensive than the taking in.

The permanent make-up

Beauty treatment is real, when it does not create ever-lasting signs on your body, that’s why efforts have been made to develop the ‘non’ ever-lasting tattoo procedures,which we call permanent make-up. In this procedure a group of pins which move a very fine, vibrant and rubbing down way take in the pigments into the upper part of your skin under the control of experts. With the help of our permanent make -up, we can have our lip or eyebrow’s lines corrected in order to become entirely beautiful.

zoldThe method of complete removal

If you decide to have your tattoo removed you have to ask for an appointment in a clinic for an expensive laser or light treating. But they can only help you in case your pigments can be burned from your body with the help of the large-energy flashing light or laser. The result depends on the pigments you used, and if you have pigments containing iron, it cannot be removed. Please be careful when you choose material for your tattoo.

Permanent make-up, the practical way of making you look more beautiful

One of the peaks of permanent make-up is the method of SofTap®, which works only on the surface. The pigments are only in the epithelium. The colour intensity fades only in 4-5 years gradually, but the shade of colour remains as at the beginning. This procedure is mild, we can correct the earlier tattoos by correcting them to the natural colour of your skin. So the method is a kind of perfect rehabilitation. Permanent make-up makes our life easier: there are no more lipstick problems, a lipgloss is enough for going out to parties. The eye contour also becomes perfect, and women wearing glasses will not have problems lining their eyes. It is rain-, swimming pool- and sun proof, and it does not melt in hot weather. Naturally we need time for good work, that is why you have to visit us several times, and you have to stay for hours. The natural general effect of your face can be seen three weeks after the treatment, and you can enjoy this for five years, but the make-up basis is only a sketch, which you can form with fashionable colours. Ladies, have a go! With the help of our permanent make-up you can go to the swimming pool, to the gym, and you will still have a perfect look!

Dr. Balogh György
Dermatologist, beauty specialist

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